Zodiacs Who Need To Stop Overthinking Their Breakups


Geminis are changeable because they seek the best for themselves. Regrettably, they're unsure.

They're unsure. They accept their ignorance. Breakups can hurt them.

There will be times when they think leaving was the best way to find happiness, and times when they think they ruined their lives. 

Geminis must realize that one individual will not make or destroy their happiness. Despite doubts, they can survive without this individual.


Virgos are stubborn. They'll battle for their lover even if the relationship isn't functioning.

If the relationship can be saved, they will try everything before ending it. They'll struggle to let go after breaking up.

They'll replay different times in their heads, wondering whether they could have done anything differently or if there was a better solution they didn't try.


Pisces are sensitive, therefore they may take longer to move on. They'll spend many nights worried about their ex and how they're weathering the breakup.

Pisces will want to reconnect because they have trouble letting go. They detest goodbyes.

Pisces should remember that the transition was good. Stick to their decision. Already done.

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