Zodiacs That Have Trouble With Decision-Making


Virgos are the most indecisive. Mercury rules Virgos, who are analytical perfectionists who take longer to make decisions.

They doubt themselves more than other signs because they are humbler and less confident.


Libras typically tread a fine line between pleasing others and gratifying themselves.

They'll spend all night debating if a cabin near a pond on a little hill is the ideal compromise between "beach" and "mountains" for your surprise holiday.


Geminis might be a touch airheaded or even flaky. They are typified by the Twins, who are known for conflict and sibling rivalry.

They avoid making decisions because they are open-minded and can see all sides of every decision.


Pisces are dreamers ruled by Neptune, yet their brain gets in the way.

It helps to think of them as someone who likes sweets but also watches their diet.


Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, governs Sagittarius. One of the more impulsive signs, they often make hasty, incorrect judgments.

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