Zodiac Sign Whose Hearts Are Easily Broken


You may not readily admit to being heartbroken, but you are aware that you do not feel 'right'.

As a result of the Moon's current transit through Cancer, you are feeling soft, sensitive, and even even unhappy over the way your life has turned out.

You prefer to appear as though the world is your oyster, but I do not feel this way about you today.

You are unsure if what you've done was truly "that horrible," yet it likely resulted in someone's heartbreak.


You realize immediately away that something is wrong because you don't want to do anything but lie in bed and ponder about your past and former relationships.

It's a day of regret and self-criticism. The Moon in Cancer evokes previous emotions and makes us feel like we didn't achieve enough.

Virgo, admitting guilt is easy, but the more you do it, the more your heart suffers.


Moon in Cancer will make you nervous and nostalgic. You're haunted by ancient recollections. You're saddened by a past connection.

You wish you had tried more to keep that person in your life, but they didn't either.

The memory depresses you all day. Moon in Cancer makes you sensitive, but it won't destroy you. It's a indulgence.

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