Male Zodiac Signs Who Are Luckiest in Love


Geminis are intelligent and skilled. Their sensitivity attracts "dedicated to volunteering" people.

This sign is very good at conversing and can fall in love with multiple individuals.


Male Taurus take time to locate a partner. Earth signs think they're perfect and want a companion who's ambitious and good.

Male Taureans like to work alone. Taureans never date casually. They commit to relationships.


Cancer is incredibly emotional and loves everyone, thus it often unintentionally generates love.

Cancer loves people, therefore they don't want to say no. But, marriage will fix this.

They prefer long-term relationships. They're looking for a soulmate when dating.


Virgo men aren't romantic. They're more cynical about love and only invest in someone they think is worth it.

Virgo guys prefer commitment to casual dating. They can be the best partner if given time and space.


Male Pisces may seem loveless to others. Because they're willing to give folks a chance, they're easy to date.

They live love to the utmost. They cherish each spark and remember each friendship. Pisces' love-openness makes them lucky.

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