Hot-Tempered and Irritable Zodiac Signs


Leos are tranquil, pleasant, talkative, and generous, but if you hurt their pride, they will fear you.

Leos are vengeful and have the worst temper. If you told a Leo they were balding, they would never forget it.

If you compete with a Leo, they may throw tantrums because they despise you for being as excellent as them.


Scorpios are known for being blunt, which offends others. They frequently utter hurtful things.

Scorpio will be furious and insulting if their self-esteem is hurt.

Scorpios normally keep their sentiments to themselves, but when they get upset, they may burn you with their gaze. 


Aries are cheerful until they hear something displeasing or someone upsets them.

You won't grasp Aries' temperament in the morning, afternoon, or rain. Personality is hard to explain.

Their fury is uncontrollable. Aries leads disputes and outbursts. Mars, the planet of passion and intensity, rules this sign.

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