3 Sweet Beverages You Can Drink All Day Without Gaining Weight


Kefir is a popular drink in the alternative medicine scene and a staple in many world cuisines.

Its roots can be traced back to Southwest Asia and Eastern Europe.

Adding kefir grains to milk results in a fermented beverage that is generally produced with either cow or goat milk.

The next step is to wait around 24 hours before using. The sugars in the milk are fermented by the kefir grains' microbes, which grow as a result.


Aside from kefir, another fermented drink that can stand in for sodas is kombucha.

The components will eventually do their job, but it will take some time. The tea serves as the foundation for this beverage, which also features sugar, germs, and yeast.

The fermentation process begins when the sugar is consumed by the bacteria and yeast.

Coconut Water

The transparent fluid within a coconut is known as coconut water.

Coconut water and coconut milk are often confused, but they serve different purposes.

The young coconut's liquid interior can be used to make coconut milk by shredding the meat inside, mixing it with boiling water, and then filtering the resulting mixture.

Coconut water is great for hydration because it contains about 95% water.

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