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The 20 Best Pizzas in the World

    The 20 Best Pizzas in the World

    Where exactly can you get the world’s best pizza? After ranking pizza in Australia, Europe, the United States, Canada, and dozens of other nations and towns throughout the world, we have developed the official list of the greatest pizza in the world.

    Pizza is indisputably one of the world’s tastiest dishes, despite the fact that there are many topics on which we could disagree. We’ve updated our annual list for 2020 to include both takeout and sit-down restaurants.

    The only thing left to do is grab a friend and begin working your way through the list, one mouth-watering pizza at a time… What better reason is there to visit some of the world’s top pizza cities? All-you-can-eat pizza anyone?

    20. Razza, New Jersey, USA

    Even die-hard pizza aficionados from New York City will make the trip across town on the Path train simply to acquire a slice from Razza because it is so freaking wonderful. This pizza is definitely in the running for the title of the best pizza in the world.

    They use exclusively regional ingredients, such as cheeses created in-house and hazelnuts developed through careful breeding. The crusts are produced in the traditional Italian style, which means they are precisely burnt, chewy, and made with a lot of passion.

    19. Louie Louie, Paris, France

    The French are often regarded as some of the best chefs in the world, and while it’s true that they can’t lay claim to being the ones who first created pizza, they have contributed some truly remarkable elements to the classic meal throughout the years. At no place is this more apparent than at Louie Louie, where their toppings are creative and always made with the freshest possible ingredients, and where the quality of those ingredients is the driving force behind everything they do.

    18. Animaletto Pizza, Bucharest, Romania

    The 20 Best Pizzas in the World

    A space that has been stripped down to its essentials and is consistently and intensely busy during both lunchtime and evening hours. They have single-handedly established an entirely new benchmark for pizza in Romania, and it is all because of their efforts. It’s been called “one of the top pizza restaurants in the world.”

    17. Via Napoli, Sydney, Australia

    The proprietor Luigi took his traditional pizza-making experience all the way from Naples to sunny Sydney, and we cannot express how happy we are that he made the trip. At Via Napoli, the pizzas are cooked for little longer than sixty to ninety seconds in an oven that is domed and wood-fired at a temperature of 485 degrees Celsius. Perfection.

    16. Rudy’s Pizza, Manchester, England

    Talk to genuine pizza connoisseurs, and they’ll tell you that it’s as excellent as anything you’ll ever taste if you ask them about Rudy’s Pizza, which is widely considered to be the best pizza in England. They have also expanded their operations to Liverpool in addition to moving into their second location in Manchester, which is located on Peter Street. The fact that they don’t lose any of the quality as they get bigger is a wonderful testament to how excellent they are.

    15. Farina, Auckland, New Zealand

    Sergio Maglione, known for his work at Toto Restaurant and Toto Pizza by the metre, conceived of and oversaw the design and construction of this establishment so that he could showcase his authentic Italian street cuisine, homemade pasta, and Napolitano wood-fired pizza in a hip and trendy setting. It would be difficult to dispute those who claim that this is the best pizza that can be found in New Zealand.

    14. Pizza Fabbrica, Singapore

    The genuine Italian cuisine served at Fabbrica is elevated to an entirely new level. They prepare food with a deep reverence for culinary customs and only make use of the most recent harvests, which is the secret to their success. The copper wood-fired oven is the highlight of the restaurant since it produces the best pizzas you could ever dream of eating.

    13. Pizza Pilgrims, London, England

    In this establishment, you should not settle for anything less than exquisite slow-proved Neapolitan pizza. Pizza Pilgrims are responsible for the creation of some of the most delicious pizzas in all of Europe. They begin by importing only the highest quality ingredients from Italy. They do things the way they always have and pay special care to the crust. How can you be sure that it is a genuine article? In order to discover the time-honoured techniques necessary to produce pizza of this calibre, they went on a genuine pilgrimage throughout Italy.

    12. Di Fara Pizza, New York, USA

    The 20 Best Pizzas in the World

    Domenico De Marco, also known as “Dom,” founded Di Fara Pizza in 1965 in Brooklyn, New York, after relocating to the United States from the Italian province of Caserta. Several of the ingredients are imported directly from Italy, and the pizza-making expert, who is now 83 years old, can still be seen in the kitchen making pizzas. This is the essence of what constitutes a truly excellent food legacy.

    11. Gino Sorbillo, Naples, Italy

    Although the illustrious Gino Sorbillo has restaurants in Naples, Milan, and New York, you are never too far away from enjoying one of these perfectly burned Neapolitan pizzas. The toppings on pizza are organised according to Italy’s 10 regions, allowing diners to sample regional specialities from every corner of the country.

    10. Kalò di Ciro Salvo, London, England

    Ciro Salvo is a third-generation pizzamaker who has actually revolutionised modern Italian cuisine and pizza throughout Europe. He is known as the Master of Dough and has received widespread acclaim for his work. There are only six pizza restaurants in all of Italy that have been awarded a Michelin star, and one of them is the original location of 50 Kal in Naples. Also, you have the option of going there or to London in order to partake in the mouthwatering journey that is eating a Ciro Salvo pizza. Everything about it, from the dough to the sauce, is flawless.

    9. La Svolta, Melbourne, Australia

    La Svolta is one of only a few pizza restaurants in Australia that hold an Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN) Certification. It was established by two of my best friends who emigrated to Australia from Italy. This is the way that pizza ought to taste.

    8. Del Popolo, San Francisco, USA

    In May of 2012, Del Popolo began as a mobile pizzeria serving pizza with a Neapolitan-style inspiration. The restaurant has now relocated to its current location at the lower end of Nob Hill. The toppings are simply wonderful, and the toppers come with beautiful bubbles and burnt places that provide extra flavour.

    7. Via Tevere Pizzeria, Vancouver

    At Via Tevere Pizzeria, the pizza crust on the pies is gently charred, has a small chewiness to it, and is soft in the middle, as is traditional for Neapolitan-style pizza. The owners of this place spent several childhood summers in Naples, thus the locals here have an exceptional understanding of delicious pizza. In addition, the pizzeria is a member of the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana (AVPN), which is further evidence of the authenticity of its food.

    6. Baest, Copenhagen, Denmark

    The 20 Best Pizzas in the World

    You can tell that this place is the real deal since they have their very own farm, plumeria, and micro-dairy. Instead of importing mozzarella, they manufacture it themselves using the highest quality raw milk, and their concentration is on organic meats and veggies.

    5. Frank Pepe, Connecticut, USA

    Pepe’s Pizza Parlor, which opened in 1925 and is now in its third generation of family ownership, is Connecticut’s oldest pizza joint. Their White Clam pizza is well-known all over the country, and it has been at the very top of many different best-of lists for pizza in the United States.

    4. Starita, Naples, Italy

    Starita is a well-known pizzeria that has three locations in Italy and one in New York. It consistently takes home honours for the outstanding pizza that it serves at all of its locations. Your first option should be the Naples restaurant, where the wait may be considerable but the pizzas are absolutely deserving of the hype they generate.

    3. 400 Gradi, Brunswick, Australia

    At the 2014 Campionato Mondiale Della Pizza, which took place in Italy, Owner Johnny became the first person from Australia to ever win the competition. He was dubbed the World Pizza Champion. You’ll fall in love with them after just one mouthful of their Portofino pizza, which is topped with San Marzano tomato, fior di latte, cherry tomatoes, marinated garlic, chilli, and oregano shrimp.

    2. The Good Son, Toronto, Canada

    The cosy restaurant in the neighbourhood does a lot of things exceptionally well, but the pizza is the dish that stands out to us the most. To give your dish a true kick of flavour, try piling on some indulgent toppings like smoked pork cheek, roasted pineapple, and Scotch bonnet peppers.

    When you’ve worked off that pizza, you should visit the seven locations in Toronto that are the most photogenic for Instagram.

    1. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Naples, Italy

    The 20 Best Pizzas in the World

    If you read the reviews or have a conversation with anyone who has been here, you will find that many people consider it to be the best pizza they have ever had in their whole life. The lines are typically extremely lengthy, but the anticipation among those who are also waiting is palpable; after all, everyone is aware that this is something akin to a spiritual rite of passage. If you thought you were content while waiting, you need to see how content you are now that you are leaving.

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